Wheat Flour is power packed with nutrients rich in carbohydrates. Scientifically speaking, gluten is the protein content responsible for the increased elasticity of flour. This constituent helps in the rolling of thin phulkas and chapathis while in the cooking process. Wheat Flour is far nutritious and healthy when it comes to Refined or All purpose flour. Various wheat flour are rich in minerals, fibers, vitamin B and phytochemicals.

Here are the Whole wheat flour available with Hariom Atta.

1. Premium Sharbati Atta

Hariom Atta is one of the best whole wheat flour in India. It uses high quality premium grade and high density grains to help improve digestion and keep your body fit and fine.

Processed by traditional stone-ground (chakki) method, using advanced technology of grinding. Low moisture content to ensure purity, freshness and keeping the natural taste of whole wheat.

To preserve the nutritional values, flour is milled just before dispatch. That is how we avoid use of preservatives to increase shelf-life of the products.


  • Soft and yummy rotis in no time
  • Absorb water content in the body and help in digestion
  • Fortified with iron and vitamins
  • Excellent source of protein and fiber

2. Hari om Multi Grain Atta

It is a multi grain atta with active ingredients such as wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, channa dal and maize. It offers the best health benefits to the customers. All this grains are properly added in the Hariom Multigrain Atta. It is carefully grinded from the best harvest and therefore is tasty, hygienic and good for health. It is the most nutritious, healthy & enriched with vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and all essential nutrients.


  • 100% whole wheat multi grain atta
  • Better health benefits with active fibers
  • Nutrition as protein, calcium and iron content
  • Rich wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, maize content

3. MP Sharbati Atta

We get Sharbati wheat from the golden fields of Sehore in Madhya Pradesh where the crop is sun-kissed to perfection and showered by the right amount of rain. That is why each grain has a golden sheen and is heavier in feel. Hari Om Atta is milled to give you the finest, softest and fluffiest rotis you have ever tasted. The best of nature, with every bite!.


  • 100% cholesterol free
  • Use to make chapatti, roti, paratha or puri
  • Maintain better health and hygiene
  • Good source of protein and fiber

4. MP Desi Atta

Hariom Desi Wheat Atta comes at the best quality in the best price. As the name suggest it is made from whole wheat and hence is rich in protein, calcium and iron content. The active fibers keep your healthy and strong.


  • Use to make soft roti and chapatti
  • 100% Whole wheat atta for better health
  • Active fibers with protein, calcium and iron content
  • Best quality at the best price